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garbled menue


  • Rolf Winter started the conversation

    just installed the component. I have three issues:

    1. when monthly archive is open, the menues go behind the banner graphics
    2. The search fields on the right are black. (Actually they are not active)
    3. a search results in a 404 error and stays there forever, i.e. I cannot use the component anymore. Closing the website, reopening it and calling monthly archive leads directly to the 404 error page. The only remedy is removing and recreating the menu entry for the component

    I have attached screen shots. I am using the latest Joomla 3 version, the latest Monthly archive version and the template is T3-bs3_blank framework. PHP is version 7.2.8, 

    No similar problem so far with any of my components/plugins. I published this in the forum, alas no response up to now.

    best regards

    Attached files:  monthly_archive_active.jpg

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    Yiannis replied

    Hello Rolf,

    Thank you for your message.

    Is it possible to provide me the live URL or access details to take a look, please?

    Best Regards,
    Yiannis Christodoulou
    Founder & Lead Web Developer, Web357